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STEM LAB Fund Run Donation & Sponsorships

Your PTO is excited to present our biggest fundraiser for the school year – The STEM Lab 2018-19 Fund Run!

September 14th – 30th

Beginning September 14th, students will ask family, friends and neighbors to sponsor them by either donating a flat amount or a dollar amount per distance.  Kindergarten through 2nd grade will run a half mile, while grades 3rd through 8th will run a mile. Pledges will be collected before the day of the run, we recommend pledging online. Prizes will be awarded to the students!

All proceeds from this event will support our STEM school. This year, our goal is $12,500, which is approximately $25 per student. ALL donations will go directly to your STEM school. Last year PTO gave over $17,000 to our STEM School for the purchase of 85 Chromebooks and carts. 

The 2018-19 Fund Run will take place on Thursday, September 27th, (rain date is Friday, September 28) during the students’ Gym period. 

STEM Lab PTO Fund Run Sponsorship
Total will be divided evenly amongst students unless specified.

STEM Lab PTO Calendar


With over 475 students, the goal of PTO is to raise $100 per student. Please help by donating today.


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