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STEM Lab Reconstruction Plans

UPDATE – 1/26/2017

Dear STEM Lab Parents and Guardians,

Thank you to our community for the continued support of our school district. Because voters successfully passed the bond measure in November of 2016, we have the opportunity to reinvest in our aging school buildings, relieve overcrowding, address programming needs and ensure that all students in the Five Star District are able to learn in a safe, warm and dry environment.

As a result of the successful bond measure in November 2016, all schools in the Five Star District will receive significant investments. You may have seen the announcement of the full bond program timeline on the district website. I want to share with you the timeline for our school as we have different phases to our reconstruction:

Summer 2017

  • Begin construction of new east side addition and begin renovation of existing building (central core – gym, cafeteria, etc)

2017-2018 School Year

  • All classes will take place in the west side of existing building while east side is under construction

Summer 2018

  • Move classrooms to east side (renovated core and new construction)
  • Begin demolition of west side and new construction

2018-19 School Year

  • All classes will take place in the newly renovated and constructed east side of the building while the west side is under construction

Summer 2019

  • Expand into new west side addition for full building occupancy

2019-2020 School Year

  • STEM Lab opens at full capacity with 3-round classrooms

Please note – the project start dates are subject to change.

Our schedule is based on the need to do the majority of the work in the summer months in the best interest of student and staff safety and to limit classroom disruption. For other projects across the district, six considerations were used when determining the program schedule for the bond.

Moving forward, please stay up-to-date with construction progress by visiting STEM Lab’s bond project page. Stay tuned for a parent meeting in late February where we will provide updates on the timeline, give visuals for each phase and show renderings of the completed new building.

We are very excited for each phase of this project as we move closer to our new building. Thank you for your continued support of our school and district.


Tracy Tellinger


October 12, 2016

Thank you to all those that attended the STEM Lab Reconstruction meeting. We received some exciting information regarding our STEM facility. Below, please find some possible design aspects and proposed construction details.

**Please note that this is not official. 3D must be passed before any of the below plans will be confirmed. Remember to vote Yes on 3D.**

IF the bond election passes

Proposed Overall Construction Process:
  • $16 million dollars will be used for Reconstruction of STEM Lab
  • The west half of the current building will be torn down (classroom half), and the east half of the current building will remain (gym, cafeteria, etc.), moderately renovated, and added on to with new classrooms.
  • First construction phase will be to renovate the existing building
  • Construction to build the east side addition (elementary classes) where the current playground is located
  • After that addition is complete, classes will shift to the new addition
  • Once STEM is relocated to the new wing, the west half of the existing building will be demolished and the second phase of the addition will begin.

Proposed Design Aspects:

  • Entire building will be single story
  • Secured Front Entry in the center of the building
  • Pre-K and Kindergarden are located near the front / office
  • Classroom wings are sectioned off based on grade (elementary, intermediate, middle)
  • Each grade wing has designated restrooms
  • Gymnasium will be divided by a curtain wall (similar to Hulstrom, Launch) and a fitness room will be added
  • Playgrounds are securely located between the school and the park (away from Phillips / Wyco intersection)
  • Break out / flex areas incorporated into the corridor as an extended learning area outside the Lego / Maker spaces
  • Science Labs / Art rooms will be renovated to meet Adams 12 science room standards
  • LMC (Library) will be designed for spaces for PBL instructional activities
  • Approximately 30+ additional parking spaces
  • Design is only Schematic at this stage, pending Bond Results.

IF the bond does NOT pass:

  • The remaining COP money originally approved by the school board for repairs to the building will still proceed, but that money will be used for system replacements (Fire Alarm, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc.) and there will be little to no aesthetic / program improvements.


STEM Lab PTO Calendar


With over 475 students, the goal of PTO is to raise $100 per student. Please help by donating today.


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