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We’re getting closer, but still need help!!

Thank you to all of our STEM Parents that have graciously donated to this year’s No Fuss Fundraiser. We are getting closer to our goal but still have a ways to go. We need your contiuned support or we will need to host a 2nd fundraiser in the spring. Please help us reach our goal.

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STEM Lab receives John J. Irwin Award



Huge congratulations to our STEM School and our own principal Tracy Tellinger. The Board of Education honored seven Five Star schools this evening for their academic excellence as recognized by the Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado John Irwin Schools of Excellence Awards.

The John Irwin awards, named after former Colorado State Representative, John J. Irwin, are given to schools that demonstrate excellent academic achievement. On the three-year school performance framework that is used by the state to evaluate schools, these schools “exceed” expectations on the academic achievement indicator.

Congratulations to all our STEM teachers, staff, students and parents.

Questions, Comments, Concerns & Compliments for STEM Lab PTO

The STEM Lab PTO takes our relationship with parents and staff very seriously. Do you have a question for PTO?

  • What is PTO doing with the money they raise?
  • Can anyone view the bank statements?
  • Are my donations being put to good use?
  • Can anyone make recomendations?

We want to answer all your questions. STEM PTO is excited to announce our new Questions, Comments, Concerns & Compliments page on our website. Submissions will be sent to both the PTO board and Mrs. Julie Yamasaki, office manager at STEM Lab. All ideas are welcome and comments & concerns are kept confidential.  Let us know your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you.


October 2017
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With over 475 students, the goal of PTO is to raise $100 per student. Please help by donating today.

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